“Prints” of 21st Century Life


Digital – the word doesn’t just scare your grandparents. It also scares Generation X, Generation Y, or any “generation” of which I would be considered a part. Digitizing life is a tough concept for people to wrap their head around and, until this point in my life, I haven’t even delved into. As a result of a course I’m currently taking, though, I’ve had my hand forced. #EDUC932, a course offered by Framingham State University and taught by Steve Katz (@stevekatz) has forced me to begin this blog, develop a twitter page (@savill20), use various photo modification software, and basically step into the new century (albeit 16 years late).

My digital footprint is very small at the moment, but I am enjoying developing this blog, increasing my personal learning network via twitter and learning new ways to teach digitally. I plan to continue becoming more active on twitter, blogging, and developing the multimedia aspects of my lessons including teaching the basic skills my students will need. Let’s get digital!


Author: Mr. Matt Savill

I am an American citizen in my seventh year of teaching in Korea.

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