Be Happy On Your Own

Photo: Flickr

Kid Alone

As a part of the reading for EDUC932, Professor Steve Katz provided a list of articles to read regarding 21st century skills for young learners. I went through several articles, and most of them seemed like lists of certain traits with a few changes between authors, but I ran across a post by Leo Babauta that mentioned Be Happy On Your Own as a 21st century skill. I was somewhat flabbergasted, but after some thought, it seemed practical. In a world where we are so connected, it would be beneficial to have a skill which allows you to be happy even when you’re uncomfortable or alone. As traveling becomes more popular, we will have experiences when we are away from our friends. As studying abroad becomes more available and necessary (depending on your course of study), students will need to be able to adjust to situations in which they aren’t used to their surroundings, particularly when abroad. Being comfortable with discomfort is something we all need to learn to accept, embrace, and thrive on!

Author: Mr. Matt Savill

I am an American citizen in my seventh year of teaching in Korea.

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