1:1 Classroom Expectations

1 to 1 Classroom

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Currently, the school I’m working at does not have a technology department (or a “tech guy” for that matter) let alone the ability to develop a 1:1 scenario. Given that information, it’s slightly difficult to come up with expectations I would have for that type of class. I’ll give it a shot, though, so here we go.

Firstly, I would not allow headphones or music in my class. I teach fourth grade, and they don’t even know if they’re the type of person that needs music to be productive, and they don’t need to find that out about themselves during my class.

Next, I would really want to have a monitoring system in place so I can see what is on each person’s screen. I would also want to have my classroom furniture arranged in such a way that I can see each student’s screen without them realizing I stalking them. I would also have to make sure I don’t use the technology as a reason to be lazy, so I would manage by moving around the class as well.

I would encourage students to help each other if someone near them gets stuck. At times, computers slow down or have a glitch, so students need to be willing to help each other stay in tune with the lesson.

Should a student get off task, I would ask them to flatten their screen and leave it until I give permission for them to start using it again.

Fourth grade students have a hard time maintaining focus on one task at a time, so there would be no reason for them to be working on multiple things at a time. Therefore, “multitasking” would be out of the question.

Should a student continue to misuse their device, I would give them a book about computers to read and only allow them a break time after a certain amount of pages has been copied. I would expect to never get to that point, but teachers need to be prepared for every eventuality.

My expectations of myself would also need to be taken to another level. I would have to double-check that my lesson works on student devices, ensure all devices are charged, and my monitoring apparatus is up and running. I would also need to tailor my lesson in such a way that the students are never experiencing any “down time” because down time combined with a technological device equals trouble!

Author: Mr. Matt Savill

I am an American citizen in my seventh year of teaching in Korea.

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